Perfect Endings: Rot in Hell Adam Mayes

“Fairytales can come true”…Frank Sinatra

How many lives did Adam Mayes destroy? He murdered Jo Ann Bain and her daughter Adrienne in a frenzied obsession over Jo Ann’s two younger daughters. Those girls, Alexandria 12, and Kyliyah 8, will undoubtedly require years if not decades of therapy in order to cope with two tragic weeks that they endured and survived. Their father, betrayed by his best friend, has lost his wife, daughter and some might say his dignity. Then there is Mayes’ skanky wife and mother, neither of whom will ever walk in freedom again. Like the ever expanding concentric circles created by a pebble skipped across the pond, in varying degrees numerous people will have to reexamine their lives and adjust to a new normal.

Adam Mayes was a useless human being. Had he been captured alive we would have had to endure his trial: a publicly financed opportunity for him to excuse and justify his evil actions and murderous intent. Alexandria, Kyliyah, and their father would have had to endure the lies, twisted fantasies, and obfuscations.  

There is no mistaking what he did. His wife was an eyewitness to all of it and has provided the grisly details to the authorities. Most likely, he would have ended up on death row. Then people would have prayed for him, held vigils for him, spilled tears in misplaced anguish, and protested man’s inhumanity to man as they unstrapped his worthless carcass from the death gurney.

Yes, sometimes there are perfect endings. Like Hansel and Gretel breadcrumbs, or a $171,000 reward, lead the children home and the wicked witch dies in the end.

Maniac on the Move: The Bain Murder Mystery

Adam Mayes without his beard

He stalked the family for two days. During the day he lurked in the bushes and watched through binoculars. After dark he used night vision goggles. Theirs was the first house off of the interstate: the one people with car trouble would seek out. Strangers were always welcome, because the family was friendly and helpful. A man and a woman lived in the rural white house with three children, a teen-aged boy and two small children: a boy and a girl.

Shasta and Dylan Groene
He waited until after the BBQ, after the friends had gone home, the sun had set and peace had settled over the valley. Then he struck viciously! By the time it was over the man, woman and teen-aged boy were dead. The young boy and girl were missing. It was as if hellfire had reigned down upon their tidy little world. The authorities were baffled, because the family didn’t have any known enemies: at least none who would inflict this kind of mayhem.

It took seven weeks for the truth to be revealed. First, surveillance video captured the little girl; she was eight years old, in a convenience store with an unknown man. Then, once the community had been notified, they were seen in a neighborhood Denny’s having dinner. Employees contacted the police. He was arrested without incident. The little girl survived. Her 4 foot, 60 pound brother was not so lucky. The pervert, because that is what he was…is, tortured, raped and murdered the little boy some weeks before. Then he torched and buried his remains. That incident occurred in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in 2005. The pervert, who had an extensive and sordid criminal history, now sits on death row.

I only illustrate this grisly crime to provide hope to those following the Bain case out of Tennessee. On April 27, 31-year old Jo Ann Bain and her three daughters were kidnapped by so called family friend Adam Mayes, a 35-year old handy man who still lives with his mother in Northern Mississippi. On Monday, May 7, authorities announced that the bodies of Mrs. Bain and her 14-year old daughter Adrienne had been found in shallow graves at the house Mayes’ shares with his mother.
Convenience store video of Shasta and the perv
On Tuesday, May 8, Mayes’ wife, Teresa Mayes, and mother, Mary Mayes, were arrested for “especially aggravated kidnapping” in connection with the kidnapping of Mrs. Bain and her three daughters. Many hope that Mayes will now turn himself in to the authorities in hopes of gaining leniency for his wife and mother. I don’t believe that there is a chance in Hell of that happening.

Adam Mayes lovely wife and mother

The authorities believe that Mayes is on the run with the two little girls. They believe that he has altered their appearance by cutting their hair. One of the largest manhunts in the history of the South has been launched in hopes of recovering the girls alive.

Maniac on the Move!

If that is to happen then we, the people, have to help. We need to be on the lookout for a tall (6’3”), slim (173 lbs.) man with two young girls. All three will have bad haircuts. They will be at gas stations, convenience stores, or fast food outlets, or on the road. If you see them, don’t approach. Instead call the police.