Paying It Forward


MBDAs we rapidly approach the Holiday season, I want to share a story that exemplifies how creative partnerships can pay it forward, making everybody a winner in the game of life.


My friends Pam and Irving recently purchased a new home in Northern California. That purchase triggered a very generous donation to the KlaasKids Foundation, in their name, and it didn’t cost them a thing.


Pam and Irving utilized the services of a unique real estate service called My Broker Donates. My Broker Donates is a for-profit organization that connects home buyers and sellers to successful, reputable real estate agents. They then arrange for 15% of the agent’s commission to be donated to a charity chosen by the agent’s client. In Pam and Irving’s case that translated to more than $1,200 to the KlaasKids Foundation.

My Broker Donates 2 11-13

Accepting Donation Check From My Broker Donates CEO Jack McLaughlin

This unique approach to home buying and selling represents charitable giving at its best. It pairs motivated clients with a seasoned real estate agent. Once the transaction has been initiated everybody wins. The agent wins because he or she makes a commission that they otherwise would not have received. The client wins because they know that they are dealing with a professional real estate agent with a proven track record, giving them piece of mind knowing that their time and money will be maximized. They also arrange a generous zero-cost donation to their favorite charity. The charity, in this case the KlaasKids Foundation, wins because they are the beneficiaries of a generous donation. Finally, the charity’s clients win because the charity has working capital dedicated to providing needed services.


Are you planning on buying or selling a home soon? If so, why not give My Broker Donates a call first. Oh, and don’t forget to include your favorite charity, the KlaasKids Foundation.