A Knife in the Back for Justice

In September 2012, Governor Brown signed a law (SB 9) that will grant freedom to killers previously sentenced prison sentences of life without the possibility of parole (LWOP).


The letter informs the recipient that the law has been changed retroactively, allowing the killer of their loved one, who had previously been sentenced to LWOP to potentially receive a new sentencing hearing. That hearing may result in the immediate release from prison of remorseless and vicious killers.


What about promises made to victim families that justice had been served? What about those people who were told that they need not be concerned about retribution because their testimony would lock a remorseless killer in prison forever?


What ever happened to justice?





11 thoughts on “A Knife in the Back for Justice

  1. The public really needs to grasp that the ACLU is nothing more than an extortionist group . A collection of “bottom feeding” attorneys who confiscate the Public’s money to defend and enforce Policies the public has no tolerance for. Why do we allow this? I have seen firsthand when legislators “call out” the ACLU and their threats of litigation and the ACLU backs down. I have also witnessed city legislators fold like cheap suits when the ACLU even enters the room. It is time to take the power away from this dangerous group.

  2. SB9 was passed using outright lies as part of its sale package. It was a typical bill where the victims were condescended to and “handled” by the politicians. Our sad pathetic selves were “understood” by the politicians but we weren’t taken seriously because we were just too caught up in our own tragedy to have anything valid to say. The bill allows virtually every juvenile killer to get a real chance at parole. It does not require remorse. Next step is to end the death penalty and end life without parole for adults. They have an agenda and do not care how many additional victims they create. They really don’t care.
    Daniel Horowitz husband of murder victim Pamela Vitale whose killer was entertained at trial by the photos of her butchered body.

  3. So, please tell every single friend, family member, and acquaintance not to reelect JB for another dangerous term as Governor.

  4. The above letter was sent to me at the end of February 2013 to inform me that the killer, Kristopher Kirchner, of my husband Ross had his sentence changed with the signing of SB9 by Gov. Brown. The good thing is that I had known about and fought this movement for over 6 years through various bills, by Sen.Yee, ACLU, Human Rights and various other liberals who feel sorry for Juvenile killers. The sad part is that not all victim families knew this was happening until they receive this notice, if they ever did. SB 9 was also retroactive. Prop 115 of 1990 was passed by 57% of Ca. voters which had the LWOP or 25 to life ruling in it (pc190.5). No contact was ever made with the survivors by the bleeding heart liberals & Legislators. CA. law WAS that CA.Judges had the option to sentence Juveniles ages 16 to 18, tried as an adult for first degree brutal murder with special circumstances to Life WITHOUT the possibility of Parole (LWOP) OR 25 to Life. The Judge had that option, we did not need Ca. law changed.
    In June 2012 the Supreme Court, ruling on another case, said that CA. had one of the best Juvenile Laws and nothing needed changed or added. States who had Mandatory LWOP had to remove the word Mandatory. Sen. Yee went around and informed CA. Legislators who had previously voted NO that the Supreme Court said we needed to put SB9 into Ca. Juvenile Law…there was so much dirty politics and lies during this battle which included bribery & reconsideration.
    Ross was beaten with a metal pipe on 4-28-93 during a robbery of his business by two juveniles, Damion Miller, age 15 yrs. 8 months who was sent to CYA and only served 9 years. Kristopher Kirchner 16 yrs. 2months, who was tried as an adult and sentenced to LWOP. Ross had twenty five skull fractures and was in a coma for 41 days before passing.
    On the day that Kristopher Kirchner was sentenced, 9-15-94, the state and Judge gave us a promise that we would never have to worry about Kirchner being released and we had received justice for the brutal killing of our loved one.
    In September 2012 that JUSTICE and PROMISE was taken away from us and many more Ca. survivors of brutal murders by juvenile Killers when Gov. Brown signed SB9 into law..
    Sen. Yee once said, I am NOT changing “LIFE WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE” You tell me, when they change the word “WITHOUT” TO “WITH” isn’t that a change in a law???
    Go back and read SB9…it is a total waste of Tax
    Payers money and such an Injustice to Survivors of Victims Murdered by Juvenile Killers. But why should we care about the survivors…they will go away.
    Thank you to the Legislators and all others who fought with us these past years.

  5. Marc, our two murderers have been incarcerated since 1994.
    The male killer received life without parole.
    The female, a prostitute received 60 years with possibility of parole after 30 years.
    This is in Illinois.
    We have worked very hard with survivor of victims of crime in Illinois to keep these killers incarcerated for life without parole, when the Illinois legislature threatened to free them.
    Also, what do you think about defense attorney Jeanne Bishop (see her articles on CNN and Huffington Post) about her Repentence and her equating these prisoners that she works with as Jesus and their Mothers as the Virgin Mary? She is praying that the killer of her murdered sister, unborn baby and husband will ger well enough to go free…something wrong with mixing Jesus, Virgin Mary And Repentence with Justice served? I think so…do we disbar fanatics from practicing law when they combine religion with the law?

    • Marc, your guidance is appreciated. We disagree strongly with this defense attorney, Jeanne Bishop who blasphemes the Bible and “disses” survivor orgs of victims of crime by flying in the face of Justice. Her biblical references are a misinterpretation in my opinion!

  6. NEVER have I ever believed ANY court when they say “life without parole” on Nancy Grace, or any talk show, court show, ANY of them, there is ALWAYS a loophole. Death penalty gets LWOP then Life, then time served, then out.. nope…”never to be on the streets again” means NOTHIING in our court system..

    • It is apparent the Liberials who represent the State of Califorina and CDCR have no regard for justice toward the victims or families of victims. The peoples voice is going unanswered.

  7. Couple this with Prison Realignment, Assembly Bill 109 from the 2011 session and the recipe for victimization and increased crime continues. Voters must speak out at the polls, throughout the year through campaigns such as ours at Advocates for Public Safety and through self education from the committed activists like Marc Klaas. Thank you Marc for making this indisputable evidence of Governor Brown’s mission to empty jails and prisons available to the public.

  8. Hello Marc

    I agree with your view. Remorseless killers who have been sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, should be made to serve just that.

    If a promise that the killer of someone’s loved one would be locked up for life, was made to someone at sentencing, I think that promise shhould be honoured for life. I can make one promise that will be kept, and that is, to honour Polly’s memory for life, and to tell her story to as many people as I can, as often as I can, and to say how wonderful I think Winona is, for what she tried to do for Polly, in helping with the search, and offering the money to try to bring about Polly’s safe return.

    I am only sorry for you, and your family, that the outcome was not a more positive one, as I would have loved to add Polly as a facebook friend, had she lived.

    All the best to you. Have a great evening. I think you are so brave and inspirational.

    Also, all my love to Eve, Annie, and the rest of your family. You are all in my thoughts and prayers always, and I always pray for Polly at my local church, in order to remember her, having read Nigel’s Winona Ryder Biography, and having him as a facebook friend.

    Take care


  9. So instead of making cuts to useless spending on the part of our goverment and city officals, you, being the governor, take it apon yourself to endanger the lives of others.. When your daughter son wife or sister, when someone in your family is victiumised. That will be the time you will act in a responcible nature.. Why do the politians act on our “behalf”.. when in actuality, they are acting on their own behalf.

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