How Abigail Hernanzed Escaped from the Belly of the Beast!

Abigail-HernandezPretty young girls like Abigail Hernandez are kidnapped so that they can be sexually exploited. That is what happened to Elizabeth Smart, Jaycee Dugard, Elizabeth Shouf, Shasta Groene, Tara Burke, Shawn Hornbeck, and Steven Staynor (all of whom lived to tell their stories). It was also the motivation behind the kidnappings of the vast majority of kids, including my Polly, who were ultimately murdered as a result of their abduction.


I suspect that she got away by earning her kidnappers trust and securing enough freedom to affect her escape, or he was distracted and she took advantage of an opportunity, or some combination of the two. It is also possible that she convinced him to let her go, although knowing the mind set of desperate sexual predators, I find that unlikely.

Crazy Nate Kibby

Crazy Nate Kibby

The important lesson here is that she managed to stay alive long enough to escape Crazy Nate Kibby, a dangerous sexual predator.

7 thoughts on “How Abigail Hernanzed Escaped from the Belly of the Beast!

  1. I read the un-redacted indictments against him – he forced her to perform oral copulation several times a day as well as to masturbate him daily while he watched television. He raped her vaginally and anally 10-15 times a week for 9 months. He also required that she wear nothing but socks and tiny little bikini panties all day for his viewing pleasure. She didn’t become pregnant because she says that every time he ejaculated he did it in her mouth or on her face. I say lock him up for life if it’s all true.

  2. Ater seeing Abbys images from court I have noticed her jaw and cheeks look swollen and out of place. Her upper lip too didnt look the same as her pre abduction photos. It has made me wonder if her jaw was broken or teeth damaged. It would exl pain not being able to eat. If repairs were made. Is it possible he had her wear the clothes he abducted her then beat her and left her in the woods near her home leaving her for dead? And she somehow managed to get home ? It would exain him two weeks ago going in staples and inquiring about how to clear all info from his computer. It would also be a pretty goid readon she showed up to face him in court to say look at me you son of a bitch. I AM ALIVE!

    • Her face and jaw were swollen and. looked disjointed. He wojldnt return her that way. She escaped or came to in the woods. He brought her bavk to north conway to make investigators look in the area and not ehere he lived. He eas suddenly out in his trailer park and to the landlirds surprise sat down to chat when paying the rent. Something they say he had never done before. If she was given the date rape drug or tazed then she would not remember. This was a vlasdic girl ealking home abduction. He drove her route five days a week and kearned ger schedjle.

  3. I immediately thought of Elizabeth Smart when I heard about this. It doesn’t matter what she said or did to get herself home just thank God that she is home she is in the minority.

  4. These girls are very brave! I feel for them and their families, but am grateful to God that they are home safe with their loved ones! Wish my daughter Layla was.

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