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Legislation Megan's Law by State

Megan’s Law for Alabama

updated 7/30/13

Contact Person: Anyone employee of the SOR or Lesia Baldwin (334) 353-1172
Offenders Required to Register: A person convicted of a sex crime, regardless of jurisdiction where crime occurred.
Information Collected: Name, address (temporary and permanent), employment/schooling information, sex, age, physical description, current photograph, and a statement of the sex crime or crimes for which the offender has completed sentence, date of release and DNA sample. As well as everything required under the Adam Walsh Act.
Administrating Agency: State Department of Public Safety, local law enforcement.
Timeframe for Registration: Within 3 days of release; 30 days prior to moving to new address.
Applies to Out of State Offenders: Yes. Quarterly.
Duration of Requirement: Life
Verification of Address: Yes
Penalties for Non-Compliance: Felony - 1 to 10 years imprisonment and up to $1,000 fine.
Access to Information: Notification by mail and by posting copy of mailed notice in a prominent place at city hall and police station closest to declared residence of released offender. Extent of notification dependent upon population density in area of offenders residence: notification to all persons with residences within 1,500 feet of offender in all other cities with a resident population of 5,000 or more; notification to all persons with residences within 2,000 feet of offender in all other municipalities with a resident population of less than 5,000; notification within 1,000 feet in Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville and Montgomery.
Confidentiality Provision: No
Number Registered: Approximately 14,300 as of 7/30/2013
Percent Compliance:
Internet Access: