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Legislation Megan's Law by State

Megan’s Law for Tennessee

updated 9/10/13

For Tennessee Code Annoted language refer to www.lexisnexis.com/hottopics/tncode/

Contact Person: Please dial 1-888-837-4170 during the hours of 7:00 am through 8:30 pm (Central Time).
Offenders Required to Register: Any person adjudicated or convicted of the sex offenses listed in Tennessee Code Annotated, §40-39-202(20) (28) and (30). Further, any person convicted or adjudicated in another jurisdiction of an offense that can be classified as one of the offenses listed within the above code. Any person required to register in another jurisdiction, upon establishing sufficient presence in Tennessee, must register in Tennessee. website http://www.tbi.tn.gov.
Information Collected: SEE TCA 40-89-203 (i) 1-19
Administrating Agency: The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is the central repository for the records of the Sex Offender Registry.  TBI also maintains the Registry’s website.  Actual registration of sex offenders is done by local law enforcement agencies and state parole/probation offices across Tennessee.
Timeframe for Registration: Within 48 hours of:  being released from prison in Tennessee, establishing a residence in Tennessee, accepting employment in Tennessee, becoming a student in Tennessee, being released to or from probation (supervised or unsupervised) in Tennessee, entering Tennessee under the Interstate Compact Act, entering Tennessee after deportation, or after any re-incarceration, or establishing a physical presence in Tennessee.
Applies to Out of State Offenders: Yes
Duration of Requirement: Offenders classified as “sexual offenders” may apply for termination from the Registry ten years after expiration of their sentences, provided they have been on the registry a minimum of five years. Offenders classified as “violent offenders” must remain on the registry for life. See Tennessee Code Annotated, §40-39-202(20) and (28) and (30). A copy of this law is posted on the public website http://www.tbi.state.tn.us.
Verification of Address: Local law enforcement agencies and probation/parole officers are responsible for verifying the addresses of the offenders they register. (TCA 40-39-205 (b))
Penalties for Non-Compliance: Most cases of violation of the Registry law are Class E felonies with mandatory jail time. There are some exceptions that are misdemeanor or fine only offenses.
Access to Information: All offenders are shown on the internet, pursuant to Tennessee state law. 
Confidentiality Provision: No.
Number Registered: 19,761 as of 9/10/13
Percent Compliance: Must contact registering agencies
Internet Access: http://www.tbi.tn.gov