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People have a right to walk on safe streets, and it is a fundamental duty of government to protect our right to live in crime free neighborhoods. That is why the KlaasKids Foundation has engaged the public policy arena so forcefully for nearly 20-years now.

Beginning in the early 1990’s, when America was experiencing an epidemic of crime, we supported criminal accountability, public disclosure, and an enhanced law enforcement presence. We supported truth in sentencing, the assault weapons ban, and sex offender registration and community notification.

In the new millennium we spoke out loud and often for Jessica’s Law, and defended every effort to undermine California’s 3-Strikes & You’re Out Law. Our work in the human trafficking arena is groundbreaking, and in recent years we have labored to update Megan’s Law into the 21 st Century by including internet identifiers as a component of the registration process.

The result of these policies is self-evident: law abiding citizens were fifty percent less likely to be victims of violent crime in 2012 than in 1993.

However, governments are hard pressed to meet their public safety responsibility in these days of hard choices and tight budgets. Many of the policies that have served society so well in the public safety arena are threatened, and some are simply being ignored. Law enforcement agencies are being downsized as tens of thousands of so-called low risk prisoners are being released back into society before they have served their prison sentences.

In recent years California’s Department of Public Health has ignored Jessica’s Law and paper screened tens of thousands of potential sexually violent predators like John Gardner back onto our streets.

In California, Proposition 35 which recently passed by the largest margin in history has been challenged in court. Eighty-one percent of California voters want Internet identifiers included as a component of the sex offender registration process, but criminal apologists are doing everything they can to ensure that sex offenders continue to have online anonymity.

The time has come to take responsibility for our own safety by arming ourselves with knowledge, technology, and philanthropy. There are numerous child-safe technology solutions in the marketplace. Some work, and some don’t. However, all of them existed in a vacuum until now.

For more than a year the KlaasKids Foundation has been working with vendors, inventors and visionaries to produce a comprehensive suite of technology and funding tools to address the challenges faced by America’s children and their families. We recommend each of the products represented on this page. They will make children safer. They will give parents peace of mind in knowing that their children are being protected, or that help is but a keystroke or panic button away.

Cocoon for KlaasKids

  • Tracking Protection: Your kids will only be able to visit sites you approve; and those sites won’t be able to track them.
  • Secure Browsing: Your computer or iOS device will be safe from viruses, malware, and spyware wherever your kids browse.
  • Custom Accounts: Kids with varying ages, interests, and educations will have access to custom accounts with browsing limitations that fit their needs.
  • Browser Blocking: Instructions on how to remove other web browsers from your computer, so your kids will always browse safely.
  • Parent-sourced whitelist of recommended, appropriate and safe websites.

Polly’s Guardian Angel

  • A smartphone app that is the nation’s first parent initiated missing child alert system.
  • Parents deploy GPS and social networking to sound the alarm and ask for help from nearby app users.
  • Parents are empowered to instantly mobilize friends, neighbors, and other members of the community to help in the search for a missing child.
  • Parents will have access to the Polly Call Center where professionals who have been trained by KlaasKids make sure that everything possible is being done to re-connect the parent to their child.

Klaas Family Housing

  • Applies in worst case scenarios that have police report and NCIC case number.
  • A need for assistance must be demonstrated.
  • The child must have been missing for at least two months before the family can apply for housing assistance.
  • Payments will go directly to bank to assist with mortgage or rent.